A Message From the Owner

At the young age of 6, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up – a Stylist. I was raised in the beauty industry as my mom was a Stylist. I would go to her salon and sit in the big chair and the passion grew more each time.

In 1983 I entered the beauty industry and the fun began. As a Stylist I’m diversified, keeping my hands in all avenues the industry offers. From cutting and coloring hair, shaping and waxing the perfect brow, to bridal/prom hair and make up.

Every day I strive to live a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind my hair care is a part of my daily regiment. I love to help educated my clients in hair health while achieving their goals in style and color. My color line is Kevin Murphy because it is natural, with ammonia-free lighteners, and cruelty-free. The color lasts and covers grey beautifully.

My profession is my passion. Come visit me and together we will perfect your look.